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St Joseph’s School Hindmarsh

St Joseph’s School Hindmarsh

Project location:
Hindmarsh, Adelaide

Catholic Education SA

Year of completion:

Project cost/budget:
$3.8M (all stages)

Project description:
Thomson Rossi completed a new strategic Master Plan for St Joseph’s School, catering for a projected enrolment of 360 students across P – 7. A key issue with this project centred on the desire to maximise open grassed play space, and hence generate new building solutions that provide “more space on less land.”

Stage 1 provided a solution of elevated general learning areas which simultaneously created an undercover play area and provided the school with a high level of community exposure. The overall plan also includes an exciting initiative to include a multi-purpose hall for Parish/community functions, eventually creating an environment with an extremely high level of social and religious interaction.

Through further refinement of the original Master Plan, Stage 2 provided new Administration facilities closely linked to new Parish accommodation located within a State Heritage Listed building. A new multi-purpose Activity Hall completed Stage 3.