Mt Gambier Prison Stage 1

Mt Gambier Prison – Stage 1

Project location:
Mt Gambier, South Australia


Year of completion:

Project cost/budget:

Project description:
Thomson Rossi’s most recent Correctional Facility is the newly completed 104 bed Cell Block ‘Waawor Unit’ and Kitchen Facility at Mt Gambier Prison. The project is unique in that it is the first Cell Block design to employ the rapid and economical modular construction method of recycling and converting used shipping containers. This unique construction method has presented many challenges in order to satisfy DCS requirements in terms of providing  a secure and robust environment, maintaining compliance with the Building Code of Australia, and meeting mandatory energy efficiency requirements. The new Kitchen is a state of the art commercial facility that has the capacity to provide over 400 meals in a sitting. Sustainability was at the forefront of the design strategy which included the following elements:

  • Best practice passive design principles, including orientation, insulation, natural cross ventilation, natural lighting  etc.
  • Innovative Cell Block construction based on a modular design of re-cycled shipping containers with the potential to be constructed in controlled factory conditions and installed on site and connected to services the with minimum on-site works.
  • Rainwater harvesting and storage in underground aquifer (site is self-sufficient for water).
  • Innovative building services, including centrally controlled water management system, radiant heating and natural cooling (ventilation), automated and sensor controlled lighting.
  • Reverse block veneer construction for the kitchen facility allows the buildings thermal mass (internal block walls and concrete slab) to absorb and re-radiate heat and moderate internal temperatures.
  • Inclusion of on-site waste separation facilities to support recycling.