Mobilong Prison

Mobilong Prison

Project location:
Mobilong, South Australia


Year of completion:

Project cost/budget:

Project description:
This project successfully delivered new inmate accommodation for the Department for Correctional Services at Mobilong. The project was unique in that it provided a new type of accommodation within the bounds of the secure perimeter at Mobilong Prison.

Termed “Independent Living Units”, the accommodation is divided into separate secure living units that each accommodate a small group of inmates (5). Within the secure bounds of each unit, inmates are able to organise their own day-to-day activities, such as cooking, cleaning and leisure. This is seen as an important step in preparing inmates for their eventual return to life in the general community.

A number of ESD initiatives were included in the design including reverse block veneer construction, the use of solar hot water systems, and operable windows to provide natural and cross flow ventilation. Other key design achievements included the use of ‘No bars design’ (windows designed to eliminate the need for security bars), 24 hour external access for inmates and secure courtyards in each living unit.

Sophisticated colour palettes and interior fixtures that combine robustness with humane and calming presentation are matched by ‘Safe Cell’ design principles throughout. The project has been widely acclaimed for its Humane approach and has been published in the highly influential USA based monthly magazine Corrections Today.