BDO – 422 King William St

BDO – 422 King William St

Project location:
Adelaide, South Australia

BDO Australia

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Project description:
In late 2012 BDO and PKF (Accountants) completed a merger which effectively doubled the size of the Adelaide office overnight. Having successfully completed a new state of the art work environment for BDO in 2011 in the ‘Edge” building at 420 King William Street, Thomson Rossi was engaged to provide an updated Facility Plan for the new entity and working with property consultant Realty Solutions, help identify options to accommodate an additional 110 staff in a facility that was at least the equal of the recently completed workplace at 420 King William Street. The ground floor of the neighbouring property at 422 King William Street was chosen as the preferred location, due to its availability, size and proximity.

Thomson Rossi’s engagement was then extended to design, document and manage the construction of a new workplace at 422. The challenge for the team at Thomson Rossi was to create an environment that provided ‘equity of amenity’ for staff who would be working in the new environment. Devoid of the panoramic 360 degree views of the hills, city and coast afforded by the 420 workplace, Thomson Rossi established an ‘Urban Metropolis’ theme, that was inward looking and featured a centralised social hub or work café. The cafe takes its cues from the many ‘hole in the wall’ cafes popping up around Adelaide utilising features such exposed building fabric and services to create a gritty urban feel. A street theme was utilised to further break down the work areas into separate addresses. The finishes palette is a refinement of that used in the 420 fit-out, with subtle changes to promote a one company approach while engendering a sense of ownership through its ‘differences’ to those who work here. The end result has been a resounding success with the recent endorsement from Managing Director Rudy Pieck that the 422 space was now the workplace of choice within the organisation.