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STEM Works Upgrades

Thomson Rossi has been engaged by DPTI to create STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) in five South Australian Schools as part of an SA Government stimulus package. There has been growing attention globally, and more recently in Australia, on the importance of STEM as a core driver of student learning. Not only does this integrate areas of the curriculum, but it also challenges traditional spaces at school; what’s the difference between a Science Lab and a STEM Space? STEM uses existing knowledge and date to develop new insights on solving a complex problem with creativity. This rich methodology has therefore seen the increase in maker spaces, coding, media labs, robotics, 3D printing, Science Fairs, and challenge-based competitions in and around schools. These types of experiences aim to stimulate student learning and motivation around STEM, but often require more specifically designed spaces and resources to generate the highest impact possible. Students, like workers in complex industry seek; challenge in their learning or work; collaboration on those challenging projects; choice in how to meet objectives; responsibility for making decisions about their learning or work; respect for the learning decisions they make; and real things to get stuck into, not fake, pseudo problems.